Indian Institute of Design in affiliation with Saurashtra University aims at empowering the youth of Saurashtra, to effectively satisfy skill requirements of the indigenous large and small scale industries. To fuel prosperity at individual and regional levels, IID is focused on increasing and systematically improving design knowledge production and skilled human capital in this region. However, as industries are foraying into foreign markets, IID will incorporate global concepts, ideas and practices to better equip
its students in the field of design.

Situated in Rajkot, IID is determined to tap the full potential of design and technological assets/ resources available in abundance across Gujarat. The Bachelors in Design programs at IID are structured to offer strong academics, leading to top career pathways in design. By working together with the industry through frequent communication, training engagements and internships; the institute is poised to form effective industry partnerships to leverage programmed decisions.

Curriculum of the design programs have been diligently and meticulously formulated to provide students with current skills and knowledge prevalent in design, locally and globally. By adopting a learner-centred curriculum, IID intends to nurture the creative curve of each student, protect their interests and empower them to put their best ideas forward. Committed to teaching excellence, highly qualified academicians from across the country have been brought together to impart the best of design education at IID. With access to state-of-the-art labs, workshops and facilities, the institute has ensured that students also receive hands-on practical knowledge and gain a holistic learning experience.


Problem Solving

Transformative Impact On The
Society Through
Innovations And

And Responsible

Critical Thinking


To protect as well as nurture each learners’ creativity, natural curiosity, natural abilities and passion for design, enabling them to achieve highest personal and professional standards.

To create an impactful educational experience by leveraging ‘Learnig by doing’ principle, where the learners acquire knowldege through hands-on experiences and practical problem solving approach.

To foster successful partnerships with the design practitioners as well as the industry, to better knowledge exchange and also stay aligned with industry happenings and practices.

To emphasize on various art forms, craft practices, textile, products, architecture which are indigenous to India and develop sensitivity, efficacy and pride amongst the learners regarding the same