Saurashtra University is one of the significant and revered educational institution, situated in Rajkot city of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat State. Established in 1967,it is one of the oldest universities and has garnered accreditation Grade A by NAAC.The University has 28 Post Graduate Departments on its campus and with jurisdiction extending across the region, 297 colleges are affiliated to it currently.

  • The Land of Legends – Gujarat is home to Saurashtra, a peninsular region of the state known for its culture as rich and diverse as its history
  • Saurashtra’s majestic legacy lies in the incredible lineup of royalty, freedom fighters, poet laureates, art & craft and the finest business icons it has given to the country
  • With its blend of myriad traditions, art, textile, architecture, institutions, industries and technology, this 11 district region has made significant contributions to the economy and cultural aspects of India
  • The classical antiquity of Gujarat’s crafting traditions is majorly attributed to this region, which has left indelible footprint globally for eons. The guild based communities with their pool of indigenous skills have kept the harmony of creative expressions intact, by passing down traditional techniques from generations to generations.
  • Robust policies and initiatives by the state government have ensured upliftment and progress of both large scale and small scale industries alike, becoming an investor’s paradise.
  • The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) implemented a range of programs in the region, in diverse fields from entrepreneurship development, sustainable agriculture, irrigation, drinking water and sanitation, renewable energy, youth skilling, early childhood development and education, impacting the lives of over a million people.