Common Foundation

The first year of the course is a Common Foundation Year, whereby the students are taught the fundamentals and applications of Design. The common foundation course allows the students to learn design process, methodologies and principles of design. It aims at providing a multidisciplinary experience to the students, so that after the end of first year, the students can take an informed decision about selecting a specialisation based on their strength and interest.


  • Orientation TO Design
  • Tool & Techniques of observation
  • Tool & Techniques for Analysis And Communication
  • Understanding Social Context
  • Visualising Tools & Techniques
  • Digital Tools & Techniques
  • Semester End jury & Semester Debriefing


  • Understanding Aesthetics And Principles
  • Colour, Form And Surfaces
  • Understanding 3d(space,Structure And Form)
  • Research Methodology
  • Design Process And Thinking
  • Year End Jury And Semester Debriefing