Communication Design is a co-relation between information development and design, through the mediums of electronic, print, digital and mobile. With a focus on communicating with people, by developing captivating and accurate message, the field of communication design has seen a drastic change with the advancement of technology. Today the field of communication designs enthrals in the forms of graphic design, identity design, animation, video game, visual communication design and user interaction and experience design.

The Communication Design program at IID is ideal for learners who want to explore all the facets of the multidimensional landscape of traditional and emerging media. The program will empower students with technical, creative and conceptual skills, and
integrate the latest knowledge and technology in media and communication. The programs’ forward thinking approach focuses on skills that are essential for future market demands and hence prepares the learners in both academics and applied contexts.


  • Understanding Visual Communication
  • Digital Tools
  • Basic Typography And Its Applications
  • Semiotics & Semantics
  • Communication Design Project 1: Identity Design
  • Semester End Jury And Debriefing


  • Writing Problem Statement
  • Communication Design Project 2: illustration Techniques And Application
  • Publication Design
  • Photography
  • Communication Theory And Media Studies
  • Year end Jury And Debriefing


  • Communication Design Project 3: Packaging Design
  • Understanding Marketing
  • Communication Design Project 4: Advertising And Branding
  • Film Appreciation
  • Introduction to UI-UX
  • Semester End Jury And Debriefing


  • Communication Design Project 4: Design For Digital Media (UI-UX Project)
  • Communication Design Project 5: Way-Finding And Signage systems
  • Communication Design Project 6: Exhibition Design
  • year End Jury And Debriefing


  • Motion Graphics And Video Editing
  • Communication Design Project 7: Design For Social Campaign
  • Information Design And Visualisation
  • Semester End Jury And Debriefing
  • Summer Internship ( To Be Completed During Summer Back)


  • Graduation Project
  • Business Of Design
  • Graduation July