Fashion Design

The Fashion Design Program at IID is a design focused, comprehensive studies. The curriculum offers learners an intense creative and technical approach to fashion. The program is structured to provide the learners with skill sets that go beyond sketching and sewing, they learn fashion business, consumer research, communication, marketing, establishing a label and more. The program also focuses on training the learners to develop and hone their personal aesthetic which is key to becoming a successful fashion designer.

Learners are given great exposure to enumerable textiles, crafts and techniques indigenous to Gujarat and other parts of the country, which rule the fashion industry world over. With strong industry connect IID has ensured the program provides deep insights into the current practices and also provide the learners a platform to showcase their talents to India’s top brands and leading designers.


  • Fashion Visual Representation
  • Fashion Design Process
  • Design Context
  • Pattern Making & Draping 01
  • Garment Construction 01
  • Fabric Studies 01
  • Semester End Jury And Semester Debriefing


  • Indian Textiles & Craft Study & Creative textile Design
  • Digital technology – (Indesign)
  • Pattern Making & Draping 02
  • Garment Construction 02
  • Fashion Visual Representation
  • Fabric Studies 02
  • Year  End Jury And Semester Debriefing


  • Fashion Supply Chain, merchandising & Production Technology
  • Pattern Making & Garment Construction
  • Fashion Styling And Promotion
  • Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Illustration & Range Development
  • Semester End Jury And Semester Debriefing


  • Fashion Marketing & Retail (Brands & Branding)
  • Trends Forecast & Development
  • Fashion Future
  • Pattern Making & Construction
  • Fashion Project 4: Women’s Eveningwear
  • Year  End Jury And Semester Debriefing


  • Entrepreneurship – Starting An Enterprise
  • Research Methodology
  • Fashion Quality Control & Assurance
  • Fashion Project 5: Outerwear
  • Portfolio Development & Presentation
  • Semester End Jury And Semester Debriefing


  • Colloquial Paper Development
  • Minor Project
  • Graduation Project
  • Graduation Jury